To assist me embarking on this blog, I am listening to music by Floyd Cramer,to get my creative juices flowing.  I celebrated a RED LETTER DAY with the family and had quite a wonderful memorable day.  My daughters, Van Cheddar and Balinky prepared dinner and a cake for us. Whilst my grandchildren, Babydo and Gogos played,napped and played some more. Those two grandchildren are busy as beavers when it comes to playing. Very creative in their own way and quite amusing. I love to watch and listen to them. They certainly warm my heart. Do not get me wrong,they sure have their times with crying and whining. But,over all,they are the cat’s pajamas.


Demiurgic Medley

Welcome to my world where kinships are juxtapositioned and intervolve with one another. I am new at blogging and looking forward to sharing my inspirations with you.