Several Pastel Pencil and Chalk



I thank the Lord God that he has given me the ability to create my own artwork. I enjoy drawing,pastel chalk and charcoal. My whole being is involved when I begin to create art. A few years back I first started with acrylics,
painting onto material. It was tedious at times,the paints on my palette tray would dry fast and I am such a detailist. Though, I did enjoy it. I tried oils but they did not work well for me. Watercolors,I need to learn more. Then I went on to pastel chalk. I liked it,however I did not get the exact effect I wanted. I tried pastel pencils. That was it. I now use pastel pencil and pastel chalk together,they work amazingly well. I occasionally will use charcoal pencil or all three together.

World According to GoGos

GoGos is almost two years old. He is already showing off his working world skills. He just loves using the broom and dustpan and it does not matter how he uses it. Whether waving them in the air or stomping them on the ground,he is using them according to GoGos. I gave GoGos some basting brushes to play with,he loved using them like drumsticks. He is great with babywipes,he wipes things off then starts to shred the wipes onto the floor. GoGos will make a fine janitor someday,according to GoGos.    

Twiggy and Company

A few weekends ago my grandsons Baby Do and Go Gos went to the Louisville Kentucky RV and Boat Show. They were able to see none other than, Twiggy the water skiing squirrel. Go Gos who does not talk much yet,was not very reactionary. Baby Do just fell in love with Twiggy. He had all kinds of talk to tell me. He loves animals.