Cake and Ice Cream

Van Cheddar,my daughter had her 26th Red Letter Day this month. I prepared pork tenderloin with sauerkraut gravy, mash potatoes,steamed broccoli and carrots,sweet hawaiian rolls and a devils food cake with vanilla ice cream. I enjoy when family can get together to celebrate a Red Letter Day. Especially watching Baby Do and Go Gos  eating their cake and ice cream,they can be quite entertaining.They certainly have a hard time eating their supper,but when it comes to the cake and ice cream they sure have room in their tummies. I love you Van Cheddar,Happy Red Letter Day!  Thanks for spending your day with us.


2 comments on “Cake and Ice Cream

  1. VanCheddar says:

    Thanks Ma for a wonderful stress free day. It means a lot that you accept me and my hunsoots (slovak spelling? I have no idea.) to spend the day with you, and so often. LOL Looking forward to your next entry. Love you.


  2. Cake and ice cream?? I’m sorry I missed it!

    I’m also sorry I missed the pork tenderloin and everything else… : )

    Sounded great, hope all is well.

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