I thank the Lord God that he has given me the ability to create my own artwork. I enjoy drawing,pastel chalk and charcoal. My whole being is involved when I begin to create art. A few years back I first started with acrylics,
painting onto material. It was tedious at times,the paints on my palette tray would dry fast and I am such a detailist. Though, I did enjoy it. I tried oils but they did not work well for me. Watercolors,I need to learn more. Then I went on to pastel chalk. I liked it,however I did not get the exact effect I wanted. I tried pastel pencils. That was it. I now use pastel pencil and pastel chalk together,they work amazingly well. I occasionally will use charcoal pencil or all three together.


2 comments on “Artwork

  1. Beautiful work! A true blessing.

  2. Marek says:

    What gorgeous vivid landscapes! I love the domed Slovak church with the village.

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