The Flyer that Would Not Sail

This is a drawing of my two older sons,Bobonator  age 10 and Hymie age 8. Bobonator was at the age of exploring and constructing. He thought of a so called brilliant idea in which he so thought. In 1990 we were renting a farmhouse that was once an apportionment of a large farm approximately 150 years old.Established in Fryburg,Holmes County,Ohio. The land was awarded to the Fry family through President Ullysses S. Grant with regard to serving in the civil war.The land stayed in the family for generations.       Bobonator had a Radio Flyer Wagon,he placed two milk crates onto the wagon upside down to function as seats for Hymie and himself. Next,he fastened a couple of polls to the wagon and tied a window shade to the polls,similar to a sail. He thought he had a great invention. A wagon with a sail that would transport him and Hymie around the yard.And the fact that it was a Radio Flyer wagon,he was capable of steering his wagon where he wanted to go in the yard. But to no avail it did not happen.Simply downhill,at least he endeavored and was utilizing his imagination.


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