I began drinking coffee when I was approximately 23 years old. Up to that point in time I was not fond of the taste. I thought coffee tasted extremely bitter. When I did drink coffee I started out using three teaspoons of sugar and a bit of milk in each cup I consumed. Back then I thought,that was exquisite. As time marched on I decreased my sugar intake to one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of non-dairy powder creamer. A few years ago my daughter Balinky enticed me to do the unthinkable,drink coffee black. I consume coffee through out the day,it took three days of drinking black coffee to capture my taste buds then I was hooked. I have tried various flavors of coffee as well as different black coffees and they are just fine. My everyday coffee is McDaniels Coffee from Save-a-Lot Grocery Store. My husband,Pop and I use to consume Folgers or Maxwell House coffee but they were getting expensive and the taste has changed. My daughter VanCheddar suggested we try McDaniels Coffee about a year ago,we have been drinking that ever since.  After Christmas, Pop and I went to Cheddars restaurant in Elizabethtown,Kentucky. We had their coffee. It was the most delightful tasting coffee I ever had. It was so good I consumed three cups and enjoyed every drop. I just had to ask the waiter what type of coffee they serve. Douwe-Egbert Coffee from Utrecht,Netherlands,established in 1753. When we went home I ordered two bags of whole bean coffe from Douwe-Egbert. A bit expensive but a cup now and then is worth every penny. I am not trying to promote coffee but if you enjoy coffee like I do,try Douwe-Egbert Coffee  and for everyday use,McDaniels Coffee from Save-a-Lot Grocery Store.



One comment on “COFFEE

  1. There’s just nothing like coffee (having one now…) Nice blog!

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