This is my husband Pop. He sometimes amazes me. He is 48 years old, acquired juvenile diabetes at the age of 11 years old. Thirty seven years is absolutely a long time to endure such a disease. We have maintained almost 26 years of marriage. On an occasion it was a rocky road among uncounted mountains and valleys. Thanks to the Magnificent Almighty God he has blessed us remarkably. Pop is the type of character that will tackle any job that comes his way. My grandmother would call him “jack of all trades”. He does work in a bakery,interestingly enough it is located in a monastery for cistercian monks. They make mouthwatering bourbon fruitcakes,not the kind used for doorstops. Pop enjoys fishing. I would fish with him, however it was hard to watch our children when they were little and fish at the same time. Therefore, I told Pop I would fish again when the children grew up. Well, they are all grown up now,for quite a few years  and I still have not fished. Our sons and Pop still fish,they can have man to man time. Over all my husband is understanding, gentle,very chivalrous,he is caring and loves me to the end. Thank you God for sending this wonderful man in my life.


3 comments on “POP

  1. Hawk says:

    This is very beautiful what you wrote.When you think you have all the problems in the world,look at others ,because they have a lot more.God bless you and your family. Hawk

  2. jr44magnum says:

    Dear ____,
    I am not sure what you call yourself on here, but this is your “adopted son”, Jason. I decided to take your advice and make an account, although this is a bit different for me, I read many of your blogs and enjoyed them all. I wasn’t really convinced until Balinky showed me last night. I love your artwork, and I cannot believe you haven’t shown these to me before! I am glad to know that you have been well, and I can’t wait to see you again!

    love, Jason

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