I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!        MoM  xoxo




Thank you for nominating me for this award!!! I truly appreciate you for surprising me and that you think my blog is worth the read.Thank you once again.

I have been busy the last past week,I deleted by accident my library of pictures and of course they left  all my posts. I had to re-take the pictures and upload them to my library.What a chore. I am still working on it. I am enjoying reading other peoples blogs and here are just a few I would like to nominate for The Reader Appreciation Award:



Julia Woodward





Recently on my trip to visiting my family in Cleveland Ohio,I fell in love with cafes or better known as coffee shops. My son Hymie took me to a cafe’ called, “Root Cafe'” in Lakewood Ohio. Cafes are unique,especially on a cold chilly day. Walking into one has a calming influence on ones soul. The aroma of coffee and teas brewing in the air. All the different varieties of coffees,teas and various beverages,even tempting pastries you can select from. The cup they serve your beverage in is always special. Most cafes are distinct in their decor,they are a place that makes you feel you could relax all day. You look around at all the people and they are all different age groups. Some are chatting with each other,some contemplating,some may be daydreaming,reading a book,newspaper,others on their laptops or cell phones. Cafes are interesting places to visit.


Thank you so much for nominating me with the Versatile blogger Award. I found out I accidentally deleted my library of pictures on my dashboard for my blog and so went the pictures on all my posts. So I am working to put those all back on. All week I was feeling somewhat blue when I opened up my email and “” nominated me,Beatrix Mana for Versatile Blogger Award. WOW, I thought my artwork and stories would never amount to much. Thank you fellow bloggers and readers for the confidence you have given me.

To get a little more personal here are a few tidbits about me.

1) The Lord Almighty God is the Ultimate in my life. He keeps me going every minute of my day. Thank you God for giving me life.

2)I am of Slovak ancestry. I never thought much of that when I was a kid. I love my heritage it is rich in culture,food and tradition.

3) I have severe lumbar scoliosis and an inoperable herniated disc in my neck. I don’t get much sleep and I am in a lot of pain through out my day. I love life and I love all of my family. They keep me going.

4)Coffee is my favorite beverage and I love desserts.

5)Sitting on my porch at my “Old Kentucky Home” in the predawn hours with a cup of coffee,praying and contemplating God,nature and I, what a way to start my day.

6) I love to make people happy.

7) I love humor,of course laughter is the best medicine.

Here are just a few fellow bloggers that I would like to nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award:         I love humor and learning about my homeland,Slovakia.He is such a creative genius.      Photography and family,the two go together well.      Gods grace and the love He shares in His Word.    Thoughts of wisdom and perspective on life.     Words,images and music go together well along the road of life.      He draws pictures that are straight from his heart but yet to the point.      A creative crafter with many ideas.

Thank you again for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I never thought someone would be interested in my blog. Thank you all fellow bloggers and readers who follow Winds of Time to see what Beatrix Mana is up to. Hope to have my pictures back up real soon. God Bless you all on your sojourn in life.

Commemorating 26 Years of Marriage

Twenty six years sometimes can seem to be a very long time. Then there are days it feels like yesterday. Life is so funny. Of course over 26 years of marriage we have had children,grandchildren,lived in several rental houses. We have our own home now. We have gone through quite a few vehicles,various pets,endless pots of coffee. We have had plenty of bumpy roads,hills, and valleys. Today feels like a landmark,a wonderful timeless landmark. Looking back over the annals of our years together,I thank our dear Creator Almighty God for the good work he has created in us and the blessings that have come our way. What an amazing marriage. Thank you God,Happy Anniversary My Dear Sweet Love.


        I live in Kentucky. Recently my husband Pop,my daughter Balinky and I journeyed to Cleveland,Ohio to visit family. While we were up there I accompanied my parents who are in their 80’s to the doctor. The visit at the doctor went well until the doctor said he would be right back. My parents and I sat in that little room for quite a spell waiting for the doctor to return. We talked and talked,laughed and engaged in more talking. All of a sudden a nurse opened the door she said,”I was walking down the hall and heard voices and wondered who was in the room,oh my, everyone has gone to lunch including the doctor.” We waited a whole hour before that nurse came in the room. Dad,Mom and I laughed about our plight on the way back home. Now that I am back in Kentucky my parents and I communicate by telephone and we still laugh about our drawn out long wait at the doctors office.