GoGos Belated Red Letter Day

My grandson GoGos turned 2 years old on March 22nd.  Happy Belated Red Letter Day GoGos. His mom VanCheddar had a Red Letter Day Birthday Party on March 24th. We all celebrated,grandparents,mom,dad,uncles,aunt and brother BabyDo. It was a fun time. We ate Texas chili,salad,cornbread and a big birthday cake with ice cream.GoGos did not seemed thrilled at all. He did not want to open up his presents,his brother BabyDo did that for him.He really did not want birthday cake or ice cream. Two of the uncles were throwing the football to each other outside,GoGos went outside with his pinwheel walked across the front lawn came to a tree,backed up against it,slid down on his butt and was content blowing his pinwheel. I guess with all the commotion with the adults GoGos wanted to be in his own little world. I use to tell my children to enjoy childhood,you are only a child once in a life time.


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