I live in Kentucky. Recently my husband Pop,my daughter Balinky and I journeyed to Cleveland,Ohio to visit family. While we were up there I accompanied my parents who are in their 80’s to the doctor. The visit at the doctor went well until the doctor said he would be right back. My parents and I sat in that little room for quite a spell waiting for the doctor to return. We talked and talked,laughed and engaged in more talking. All of a sudden a nurse opened the door she said,”I was walking down the hall and heard voices and wondered who was in the room,oh my, everyone has gone to lunch including the doctor.” We waited a whole hour before that nurse came in the room. Dad,Mom and I laughed about our plight on the way back home. Now that I am back in Kentucky my parents and I communicate by telephone and we still laugh about our drawn out long wait at the doctors office.


4 comments on “THE LONG WAIT

  1. Marek says:

    Oh man, wouldn’t this make a great little comic?

  2. I hope they didn’t charge you for an extra-long visit for occupying that room for an extended period of time.

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