Recently on my trip to visiting my family in Cleveland Ohio,I fell in love with cafes or better known as coffee shops. My son Hymie took me to a cafe’ called, “Root Cafe'” in Lakewood Ohio. Cafes are unique,especially on a cold chilly day. Walking into one has a calming influence on ones soul. The aroma of coffee and teas brewing in the air. All the different varieties of coffees,teas and various beverages,even tempting pastries you can select from. The cup they serve your beverage in is always special. Most cafes are distinct in their decor,they are a place that makes you feel you could relax all day. You look around at all the people and they are all different age groups. Some are chatting with each other,some contemplating,some may be daydreaming,reading a book,newspaper,others on their laptops or cell phones. Cafes are interesting places to visit.


9 comments on “CAFES

  1. damls says:

    My imagination just took me to the one…mmmm perfect smell of coffee and posts that I have been reading….Sooo nice and vivid writing. Enjoyed in every line.

  2. David says:

    I love those drawings! and at this point i’m eager to head off for some coffee!

  3. Faithrises says:

    Your artwork is beautiful! It has a very comforting and calming effect. 🙂 Love it!

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