BabyDo is my 4 year old grandson. Of course he is like most boys,loves to play and highly imaginative. He and GoGos are brothers. I could sit and watch those two play all day. Both are very creative. Together they have quite a collection of action figures,cars,trucks and other assorted toys. BabyDo likes to tie his toys up with strings. One day I was sitting on their front porch watching them play of course Babydo is teasing younger brother GoGos. VanCheddar their mother warns BabyDo to stop teasing or she’ll tie him up to a tree. And of course BabyDo does not stop. VanCheddar ties BabyDo to the tree and he is very compliant. After about 2 minutes she unties him and he tells her to go tie up GoGos. I told BabyDo that he better not tease GoGos because someday he will tie you up for all the teasing. I think kids at that age like bondage. I look back at my sons at that age and they were always tying up things. I would find strings and yarn and ropes all over the house and yard. 


Memorable Memorial Day

How did my Memorial Day begin? Great  How did it end? Great   Everything in between,well that is my story. As a family we planned on going to the George S. Patton Museum in Fort Knox Kentucky. We would wait until Jotko got out of work so he could go,that would be at 2:30. He got home at 2:30 and decided to stay home. We took 2 cars,Balinky drove her Chevy Cobalt with Floss. She wanted to go to the mall after the museum. So my husband Pop and I took our Lemon( Buick LeSabre). Well,so we thought we were going to take the Lemon. The weather here in Kentucky was hot,92 degrees,and very humid. The air conditioning in the Lemon would not turn on. After Pop messing with it for awhile we decided to take his pickup truck. At least it had air conditioning. Now I am not spoiled but an air conditioned car sure feels nice in this weather. I always ponder how did some survive down here living with no fans or air conditioning. We were on our way to the museum,it is about a 45 minute drive,mostly highway. Half way there the truck decides it wants to overheat. Pop turned off the air and we made it to Wal-Mart about 10 miles from the museum. We left the truck and we all proceeded in Balinky’s car and would get the truck on the way back. The museum was great. Lots of war memorabilia. After the museum we all decided to go to Tim Hortons Restaurant for ice cream. With many wrong turns and ending up on 2 separate army bases we eventually ended up at Baskin Robbins. Balinky dropped Pop and I off by the truck at Wal-Mart. Pop ran in the store and bought coolant and oil. The truck got us home and I made sausage sandwiches for us all. The rest of the night was relaxing and then bedtime. I tell you something always happens when we decide to do something as a family. But, that’s OK it make for good memorable memories.


Today Beatrix is not feeling well. I live here in Kentucky and summer is such a humid bowl of living.  If you have arthritis you sure feel the pain and what a reminder. I have arthritis through out my spinal column so it runs through my whole body on days like this. I live in air conditioning which helps and ibuprofen. If any one has any natural remedies or advice I surely would appreciate. Thank you.


GoGos is 2years old and only says a few words,so he does not convey much only when he wants something. Children never cease to amaze me,God created them so unique.


I stopped by my daughter VanCheddar’s house the other day. There sat GoGos on the couch,gummy worm in one hand and a daisy flower in the other hand. I wondered what was going on in his mind.We all went outside and there is GoGos on the sidewalk all bent over staring at the ground. He would walk a bit and pause bend over and stare at the ground some more. He kept doing this for quite a while. Then he had a stick and would tap the tree with the stick then it looked like he was comparing the tree with the stick. This whole time we were outside I just enjoyed watching him going about his business,wondering what was going on in his mind. He must have been observing the world according to GoGos.

When the Tree Hit the Dirt

In my previous post I mentioned the Bluegrass Festival at Pine Mountain State Park in Kentucky. My husband,children and I were standing behind the audience that was seated watching the musicians performing bluegrass music on stage. Balinky our daughter,age 9 at the time leaned up against a tree about 24 inches in circumference,when all of a sudden the tree started falling and came crashing down to the ground. Nobody had gotten hurt,actually nobody noticed except for when Balinky yelled out,”I didn’t mean to do it”. We just all chuckled after the fact.What was so odd about the situation was the tree had been sawed off and replaced back on the stump. And it was a clean cut. Thank God no one was hurt. Our family has some real peculiar memories.

Carrying of the Tents

VanCheddar plays an instrument called the mountain dulcimer or lap dulcimer. She started learning when she was in 5th grade. She and a few other kids created a group called “The Next Generation”. They performed at quite a few bluegrass festivals. One was at Pine Mountain State Park Kentucky in their amphitheater. The season was summer and since it was a 3 hour drive from our house and from there we were headed to North Carolina to visit my husbands cousin, we decided to camp overnight. The festival was a success with lots of great music. Afterwards we set up the 2 tents we have. We were all cozy and sleeping when it started thundering in a distance. Instead of like normal people that take down the tents so they don’t get rain soaked we decided to carry them up to the rather large pavilion. It was a sight to behold. When we got up to the pavilion there were people there having a jamming session. We all sat around listening and drinking hot coffee. What a weekend to remember.

Alarm Clocks human or not

Have you ever owned a bothersome alarm clock? When the alarm goes off it sounds like,”EHH,EHH,EHH ? We owned one of those when I was pregnant with our son Jotko,23 years ago. I was having terrible morning sickness,up all night. I slept on the couch downstairs. We lived in an old farmhouse with no carpeting so noise does travel. My husband would set the alarm clock at night  when he would go to bed,as most people usually do,so he could wake for work the next morning. Most of the time when that alarm would sound he did not hear it. Me being pregnant,sick and all,would have to climb those steps to wake him. There were many a times I was tempted to throw that alarm clock out the window. Now we have 3 grown children still at home and even though they and my husband set their own alarm clocks,there are many times I have to be their human alarm clock. Sometimes I think God programs us wives,mothers with built in alarms.