I never appreciated scissors in my life until recently. My husband came home from work with a knife sharpener that he borrowed for the day. I gathered my scissors together so he could sharpen them for me.I had over two dozen scissors. I do much sewing,crafting and paper crafting. When I was younger I was told not to use the same scissors for everything I cut. So,I have collected quite a stash. I even have a few pairs in my kitchen utensils. A pair to trim fat away from meat and a pair to cut up the meat.  A few years ago I noticed I had a hard time opening plastic that food was packaged in. It was a struggle between the strength of my hands and the plastic packaging. I thought I was getting old and had no strength. I wised up and got out a pair of trusty scissors and “WHALAH”  job done,it was opened. My scissors won the battle. Scissors and I get along well. I hate plastic packaging.


2 comments on “SCISSORS

  1. Faithrises says:

    LOL! And don’t forget what our moms always said…”Don’t play with scissors or don’t run with scissors!!” I think all of that made scissors even more alluring. Anyway, cute post! 🙂

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