Loving Life

I do love life. God has spared mine countless times through this journey of mine here on this earth. I am ever so grateful. I was one years old wearing braces on my feet and legs to help teach me to walk. One and half years old I came down with a pandemic flu called Asian Flu. Of course I made it through. Ten years old I had a 32 degree curve in my thoracic spine,called scoliosis. Wore a full body brace for three years,only could take it off one hour each day. Age 13,the doctors  decided the brace was not working I would need surgery. My spine was curving into a C shape and started crushing my lungs and ribs. During surgery they grafted bone from my hip and fused it with a rod to my spine in which it is still there today. After surgery I stayed in the hospital 6 weeks and returned home by ambulance where I remained with a full body cast in bed for 5 months. Talk about depression during puberty. But,I was always complimented that I never complained. After 5 months it was an ambulance ride back to the hospital to get the cast off , a walking cast on for 6 more weeks and to learn how to walk all over again. Funny how the body forgets after such a short time.  Age 18 I became pregnant out of sheer stupidity. I gave my little baby girl up for adoption. Yes that was terribly sad for me but thought she would have a better life. Age 22,I was married in the next few years I had two wonderful boys,Bobonator and Hymie then I was divorced within 5 years. Met my current husband, Pop,who I have been married to for 26 years now and we have had 4 more wonderful children,VanCheddar,Jotko,Balinky and Floss the Closs.  When having Floss the Closs,I started hemorrhaging after delivery. I even went into shock. I ended up okay as so we all thought. I was home from the hospital one day.when I started hemorrhaging again. Pop was not home so VanCheddar 9 years old at the time listened to my instructions to get all the young siblings together while I lay on the floor in a pool of blood. Pop got home about a half hour later and it looked like someone was massacred throughout the house. He called an ambulance and took the kids next door to a neighbor. The kids were so brave after seeing all that they did. By the time I got to the hospital I was near deaths door. The emergency doctor cut my clothes off me,I looked at her and asked her if I was dying. She told me she had not had a patient die on her yet. They did not have time to check my blood type they went with what I told them,A+. They had no time as I remember the doctor saying. I woke up in a hospital room they told me that all the placenta was not removed when I gave birth and I needed 4 units of blood. I was so thankful to God,my husband Pop,the doctor and all who prayed for me,I was alive to take care of my family. Life is so precious to me.  One year later my lower back was in constant pain,agony. I went to a specialist where they diagnosed me with an inoperable herniated disc in my neck and a 62 degree curve in my lumbar spine. The doctors told me I needed surgery for my spine or within 5 years I would be crippled. As for my neck,eventually the whole cervical spine would have to be fused but for now be careful. Surgery for my lumbar curve would entail 2 possibly 3 surgeries. First they would take out the rod in my thoracic spine. then take out my eleventh rib and the 5 discs in my lumbar and sacrum spine. Replace the disc with pieces of my rib and fuse 2 rods down my spine and 1 rod each into my hips. I would be hospitalized about 3 months. After a year and a half I would go back and get all rods removed. I would never bend or twist again. Any other options?  Doctor said do nothing and I would be crippled with no lower bodily functions in 5 years.  I went home totally devastated. I prayed to the Almighty God to deliver me from all this.  All I ever wanted to do is raise a family. God has blessed me and has given me such a wonderful life and family. I never had the surgery, it has been 16 years and I am still walking. It has become a bit harder at times to walk and stand and I do have terrible pain, arthritis  and at times hard to breathe. I only use ibuprofen for pain if I need to.My lazy boy chair and I have become good friends. And there are days I let it get the best of me. God Bless my family for listening to my complaints. But most of all even though I live in pain on a day to day basis,I just have such great joy that I continue to live my life for the One who created me. Thank you Dear Lord God.


7 comments on “Loving Life

  1. Beatrix you are one strong lady… Have a wonderful day Julia

  2. damls says:

    So brave and strong you are. Nice post. Thank you for sharing with us. 🙂

  3. Woman, you have been through so much! But you can hear your faith in God, and your spirit of perseverance in each line. One day you and I will be in Heaven with whole new bodies, free of pain. God bless you, as he has blessed your story to all of us!

  4. dianne says:

    Thank you for sharing, keep strong, god bless you and your family.. ❤

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