When my children were babies until present,my husband Pop and I have always had nicknames for them. Why, I don’t even know. Yes we would use their real names but at times we used nicknames. They never seemed to mind,if as long as it was not in front of other people. But that was never an issue. Siblings amongst themselves even called each other names. As a family we all get along quite well.

 Here are some of the names:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



VanCheddar,Beeb,Ness,Peek,Mountain Chick,Bun Cheddar,GB

Jotko,Paigach,Jakers,Kujo,Flune Prune,Eagle Feather

Balinky,Chick,Munchkin,Sarah Bearah

Floss the Closs,Festus,Floopsy,Zechmeister,Zechel


7 comments on “MONIKER

  1. Wonderful….thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day. Julia

  2. damls says:

    so many nicknames how did you remember all of them? 😉

  3. Rhonda says:

    So much fun…we too had (have) nicknames for our boys…not all of them ‘mentionable’ but some still used today, especially by Husband. A couple of his favorites are…well heck, I can’t mention those either! Darn. Anyway, Thanks for stopping in again today Beatrix…was hoping you’d like the Ant. 🙂

  4. David says:

    I am a nickname machine…Just can’t help myself lol

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