Have you ever owned a lemon? We do. We have a 2004 Buick LeSabre Custom. It is custom alright. We are accustomed to it breaking down all the time. We live in a small town so in order to go anywhere you have to drive. There is no mass transit,buses,or trains. You would have to bicycle over 11 miles to the next largest town. Sure,that would be fine but it is quite hilly here. On Friday my husband and two sons went to buy shocks and struts for the car,which was 55 miles away from home.  While they were gone the car decides to over heat on them. All it was, is a $5.00 plastic hose but in order to replace the plastic hose the car had to be towed home so my husband could take out the water pump and other engine parts just to replace that little plastic hose. Thank God my husband is our auto mechanic,God Bless his soul. We have had this car for 6 years and we would love to replace it but for now,money is tight. I guess when you get lemons you make lemonade. 


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