Floss the Closs

I would like to introduce you to my son Floss the Closs. He is seventeen now and a very tall 6 foot seventeen year old. Floss the Closs was born in the middle of January. January 14th to be exact. We lived in Cleveland Ohio and winters there are rather cold. I would wear an emerald green hooded sweater if I was chilled in the house. Floss the Closs was a good baby and he was my 6th and the youngest. I breastfed him until he was 1year and 4 months old. Well,I read that to keep a baby sleeping all night,you should put something near the child that smells like yourself. I would put my sweater in his crib. Did it work? No, but he got attached to my sweater and had to sleep with it for a few years. When he was starting to talk,around 1 and 1/2  he would call the sweater “closs” and I nicknamed him Floss it rhymed with closs. Corny of me huh? His sisters VanCheddar 9 years older then Floss and Balinky 4 years older then him,would run around the house like they were in some kind of singing band yelling,”He’s Floss the Closs”. Even as Floss the Closs was in his early teens they would tease him. Just some more sibling rivalry,probably generated by me.


4 comments on “Floss the Closs

  1. A heartfelt description of Floss the Closs. Thanks fro sharing it. Fondly Julia

  2. David says:

    Floss the Closs…reminds me of the snow suit in snowy day by ezra jack keats….Love all the nicknames

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