When the Tree Hit the Dirt

In my previous post I mentioned the Bluegrass Festival at Pine Mountain State Park in Kentucky. My husband,children and I were standing behind the audience that was seated watching the musicians performing bluegrass music on stage. Balinky our daughter,age 9 at the time leaned up against a tree about 24 inches in circumference,when all of a sudden the tree started falling and came crashing down to the ground. Nobody had gotten hurt,actually nobody noticed except for when Balinky yelled out,”I didn’t mean to do it”. We just all chuckled after the fact.What was so odd about the situation was the tree had been sawed off and replaced back on the stump. And it was a clean cut. Thank God no one was hurt. Our family has some real peculiar memories.


9 comments on “When the Tree Hit the Dirt

  1. weeeeird. Who does that?

  2. damls says:

    Awe poor Balinky 🙂 Again great story – memories I really enjoyed reading it.
    Have a good day Beatrix!

  3. A great story.. fortunately no one was hurt. Have a good day Julia

  4. David says:

    sawed off and placed back….wow!

  5. Rhonda says:

    What in the world would inspire such a thing? Glad no one was hurt, especially your dear one, but wow.

  6. thesubterraneanworld says:

    Hey Beatrix,
    I have nominated you for “THE COMMENTATOR” award. Thank you for your support, I cherish it.
    For further details, visit the source link :



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