Today Beatrix is not feeling well. I live here in Kentucky and summer is such a humid bowl of living.  If you have arthritis you sure feel the pain and what a reminder. I have arthritis through out my spinal column so it runs through my whole body on days like this. I live in air conditioning which helps and ibuprofen. If any one has any natural remedies or advice I surely would appreciate. Thank you.


14 comments on “Arthritis

  1. thesubterraneanworld says:

    I can not provide you with any advice Beatrix but I can certainly wish you GET WELL SOON! I pray that may Lord shower his blessings upon you to cure you and help you recover fast in this Summer.
    Have a great day.

  2. Marek says:

    I am thinking of ye as I plant cabbages in the cold rain in NH.

    • beatrix mana says:

      Thank you Marek. I would love to be planting cabbages. This is the first year I have not planted a garden,or even take care of the ones I have. It is a mess out there in my yard. It makes me sad to look outside. Smutny

  3. Oh 😦 I don’t know of any natural remedies to arthritis, but you should rest and maybe listen to soothing music. I find music that I love always helpful when I’m sick. Get well soon, Beatrix.

  4. julia christine stephen says:

    Wish I new something that would help 🙂 Hope you feel better soon.

  5. damls says:

    I am so sorry Beatrix, get well soon.
    Healing hugs!

  6. I am sad to hear that you are unwell today. Does massaging your back will give you any relief?.You are in my prayers. Fondly Julia

  7. Five years ago I needed a cane to move from the house to the car because of arthritis. I tolerated headaches from the anti-inflammatory meds because they weren’t as bad as the joint pain. I hear you and I understand pain and the energy it takes to do the simplest things and the letting go of things that once gave pleasure. I understand the drain on emotional energy just trying to cope with chronic pain. For me (and this is in no way inferring your situation is the same as mine) the healing Jesus offers was linked to my being willing to forgive others and myself (autoimmune disease is when the body attacks itself). I had to learn to let go of my identity as a tough-it-out overcomer –because overcomers always need something to overcome. God is good and now I can carry my grandchildren and hike again -even down steep hills. I don’t even know where the cane is and the asthma and high blood pressure are gone too. Praying for you, dear Beatrix, that Abba would be your sufficiency in all things. He absolutely adores you, you know.

  8. David says:

    I really hope you feel better..:((

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