Memorable Memorial Day

How did my Memorial Day begin? Great  How did it end? Great   Everything in between,well that is my story. As a family we planned on going to the George S. Patton Museum in Fort Knox Kentucky. We would wait until Jotko got out of work so he could go,that would be at 2:30. He got home at 2:30 and decided to stay home. We took 2 cars,Balinky drove her Chevy Cobalt with Floss. She wanted to go to the mall after the museum. So my husband Pop and I took our Lemon( Buick LeSabre). Well,so we thought we were going to take the Lemon. The weather here in Kentucky was hot,92 degrees,and very humid. The air conditioning in the Lemon would not turn on. After Pop messing with it for awhile we decided to take his pickup truck. At least it had air conditioning. Now I am not spoiled but an air conditioned car sure feels nice in this weather. I always ponder how did some survive down here living with no fans or air conditioning. We were on our way to the museum,it is about a 45 minute drive,mostly highway. Half way there the truck decides it wants to overheat. Pop turned off the air and we made it to Wal-Mart about 10 miles from the museum. We left the truck and we all proceeded in Balinky’s car and would get the truck on the way back. The museum was great. Lots of war memorabilia. After the museum we all decided to go to Tim Hortons Restaurant for ice cream. With many wrong turns and ending up on 2 separate army bases we eventually ended up at Baskin Robbins. Balinky dropped Pop and I off by the truck at Wal-Mart. Pop ran in the store and bought coolant and oil. The truck got us home and I made sausage sandwiches for us all. The rest of the night was relaxing and then bedtime. I tell you something always happens when we decide to do something as a family. But, that’s OK it make for good memorable memories.


6 comments on “Memorable Memorial Day

  1. damls says:

    Woow nothing goes smooth I see, but it seems fun anyway, it sure was colourfull 🙂 loved your story and the photo.
    Enjoy rest of your day Beatrix!

  2. vanevolence says:

    Sounds oh so familiar.

  3. David says:

    all that really counts is the good memories, and it can be a surprise where those memories come from….

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