BabyDo is my 4 year old grandson. Of course he is like most boys,loves to play and highly imaginative. He and GoGos are brothers. I could sit and watch those two play all day. Both are very creative. Together they have quite a collection of action figures,cars,trucks and other assorted toys. BabyDo likes to tie his toys up with strings. One day I was sitting on their front porch watching them play of course Babydo is teasing younger brother GoGos. VanCheddar their mother warns BabyDo to stop teasing or she’ll tie him up to a tree. And of course BabyDo does not stop. VanCheddar ties BabyDo to the tree and he is very compliant. After about 2 minutes she unties him and he tells her to go tie up GoGos. I told BabyDo that he better not tease GoGos because someday he will tie you up for all the teasing. I think kids at that age like bondage. I look back at my sons at that age and they were always tying up things. I would find strings and yarn and ropes all over the house and yard. 


10 comments on “STRINGS and ROPES

  1. Hahahaha! It’s a funny picture, imagining that child grinning while his mom ties him up to a tree, of course also grinning. 😀

  2. vanevolence says:

    Please every one reading this please do not think I tie my kids to trees out of meanness. It was all in good fun and he thought it was funny, and was giggling the whole time. No one was hurt, I would not hurt my kids – EVER!

    Thanks for understanding.
    VanCheddar (Vanevolence)

    Nice story Beatrix Mother! LOL 😛

  3. Beatrix I love your family stories,,,thanks for sharing them! Have a good evening Julia

  4. David says:

    hahaha…This is so sweet and quite funny:)))

  5. Malou says:

    Very funny! Familiar story too. 😉

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