The Cable Guy

Yesterday we had our phone and television switched over to cable service. The cable man was here for at least 3 hours setting it all up. He did a very good job. About a year ago we had our internet switched to this cable service and when they were setting it all up then, they were on the porch roof doing something with wires. My daughter Balinky who is 21 years old was up in her bedroom getting ready for school.She leaves for school late afternoon. She did not know that this man was on the porch roof and she noticed him looking at her from a distance and she was sort of naked. Well, nothing happened except she was embarrassed. Yesterday when this other cable guy was here and was up on the porch roof again,Balinky was home and so was her two other brothers Jotko 23 and Floss 17. They were teasing Balinky that maybe if she went up to her room we could get a discount on our cable service. Poor Balinky,she was upset.But she did graduate from Cosmetology school yesterday.  CONGRATULATIONS  BALINKY!!!!


10 comments on “The Cable Guy

  1. thesubterraneanworld says:

    Gosh! That is what siblings do! Pulling legs on the past memories and then we laugh together remembering the moment and cherishing those laughs and smiles! What a shot! Congratulations Balinky for the graduation!!!! May Almighty bless her. Amen.

    • beatrix mana says:

      Oh thank you for your kind words and I will tell Balinky your congrats. She is excited. With some of the kids still home we have hardly any dull days. So I relish the fun times. Especially the sibling rivalry. At least everyone laughs.

      • thesubterraneanworld says:

        Yeah, it is always fun to have those chuckling quarrels where everyone ends up laughing! I am glad you are having a family reunion with all your grand children! Enjoy Beatrix and definitely pass my good wishes and all the best for future to Balinky! You and your family are always the part of my prayers! 🙂

  2. Beatrix your cable man story made me smile..thanks for that. I can imagine Balinky’s embarrassment! Please pass on my congratulations to your daughter on her graduation. Enjoy her success. Julia

  3. damls says:

    Hahahahaha funny story/memory really refreshing. Ahhh poor Balinky and naughty boys.hihihi
    It reminded me on my childhood with my bro and sis and alllll that teasing part – great memories.
    Congratulations BALINKY!
    May your path be smooth, wish you well in life. Hugs

  4. So funny! lol! Gotta love siblings….. Congrats to Balinky! ♥

  5. Hahaha! I know how Balinky must feel – I have two evil monsters, err, I mean brothers myself! Haha…and wow, cosmetology. Congrats, Balinky! 😀

  6. Dave says:

    Good story. Way to go, Balinky!

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