Fathers Day

This is to commemorate all fathers today on Fathers Day. Sometimes  we kind of overlook what type of role fathers play in our life. Sometimes we take them for granted. Sure they provide for their family,yes that is the major role if you especially grow up where one parent works and usually it is the Dad. I grew up that way. At times my Dad had to take on more then one job to support his wife and 5 daughters.      What does a Dad do with 5 daughters? Dad was always a gentleman. He played baseball with us,took us fishing,sled riding in the winter time.Taught us how to ice skate. He would always tell us bedtime stories that he would make up,especially the woman with the golden arm. He helped us with our homework and even went with my Mom to all our school activities. We had cookouts and picnics and even vacations. He always complimented us how pretty we looked in the dresses my mother made for us. I thank God Dad was always in our lives. He made many numerous memories for us. Now Dad did discipline us when we needed it. But over all I could not ask God for a better role model for a Father. Thank You Dad. God Bless You and I Love You. Happy Fathers Day.


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