Lions,Tigers,Bears and Pintex? Oh My!

What is a pintex?  When Floss was 3-4 years old he was a highly imaginative storyteller. He loved to make up stories with the help of me of course to incorporate or enhance the story. The stories were usually about how he would go off into the woods and encounter some type of animal,whether it was a snake,bear,cougar even a lion. Floss would always be involved fighting the animal off. A lot of action went on in those stories. At times he would use a rope,gun,knife and a pintex. A pintex? It took us quite a while to figure out what a pintex was,we finally did, “PICK AX”. That very same year Floss wanted a corn knife for his birthday but he did not get one. Floss is 17 years old now and he is the most laid back kid and loves animals. You would think it would be the other way around with all that storytelling he did about fighting with animals. I am glad they were just stories.




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