Floss and The Flashlight

      It was one sunny afternoon,all the kids were in school. Pop was home from work and outside doing yard work. I was inside the house doing house work. Floss was only three years old and was home with us. We live on a hill. Our house and gardens are about half an acre,the rest of the two acres are kind of wooded and hilly. I was washing dishes and thought I better see what Floss was up to. Being only three they tend to get into things they should not at times. They are such curious little people for the most part. I looked all over the inside of the house,could not find him. Then I kind of panicked and thought maybe he is with Pop outside. Pop said he was not and has not seen him. Well, now all alarms went off in my heart. Pop took off to the woods,the usual trail. After about five minutes of pure adrenalin rush,here comes Pop and Floss over the hill and out of the woods. Floss was carrying a flashlight. Floss told us that he went outside to be with Pop and could not find him so he grabbed a flashlight to look in the woods in case it got dark. We were thankful he was safe and in many ways thankful he had a flashlight.