Grandpa and His Pesticides

When I was a young child my mother would take my younger sister and I over to my maternal grandparents house on Tuesdays in the summer so she could go golfing. My mother belonged to a women golf league. My grandparents house was always fun especially when we were able to spend a weekend over there. Sometimes all 4 of my sisters would come. My grandparents house had an in-ground pool and next to the pool was a small house they called the cottage. In the cottage there was a kitchen,ten old time (1940’s) hospital beds,that were lined up against a wall. They had shuffle board and a ping pong table. My grandpa was the entertaining type. Many relatives came to his pool parties and huge bonfires. Us kids,where did we sleep? In the hospital beds. By the time darkness came Grandpa would have us all in bed. He would sleep in the cottage also because we were all quite young. He would have his long night shirt on and his stocking cap on his head,he was bald. Then he would go around spraying the air with mosquito spray. We all stayed under the covers until he told us it was okay. By then the air was a thick fog of spray and we would all be coughing and eyes watering. What a character my Grandpa was.