In 1992 we were living in Millersburg Ohio. Our family decided to go camping one weekend at a Yogi Bear Campground which was about an hour away from our home. When we got there we set up our tents and then hiked around to see what the campground had to offer. There was a nice small lake with a beach,great for us playful swimmers.They even had peddle boats and rowboats for all to use. Pop liked the rowboats he could possibly go fishing with Hymie,who was about 10 years old. That evening dinner was a blast,I forgot to bring the silverware. Bobonator age 12,being the creative genius he was made forks and spoons out of the tinfoil I brought.It worked out rather well. After we ate dinner Pop and Hymie went fishing. Pop thought he would take one of the rowboats in which he got permission earlier from the office. When Pop got down to the lake the only boats were the peddle boats. So they decided to use one of those to fish. The rest of us went to sleep. A few hours had gone by and we who were sleeping in the tents were woken up by all kinds of noise outside the tents. It sounded like garbage cans being thrown about. The kids and I were frightened. When the noise subsided I got out of the tent and noticed raccoons. We all made a mad dash to our car. It started pouring rain,lightening and thunder. Then we noticed Pop and Hymie coming down the trail to our camp. They stopped at our picnic table that was covered with a tent like canopy to have a midnight snack before joining us in the car. Then they told us about their fishing ordeal.    They were out in the middle of the lake when they saw lightening off in a distance. They thought they should peddle back to shore. The peddles got caught up in seaweed. With no oars to row,Pop flattened their soda pop cans and used them to glide through the water to get them to a buoy where the lake was partially roped off for swimming. Then Pop used the steel cable rope to pull them to shore. When they got to the shore Pops hands were all cut up and bloody from the frayed steel cable rope.  Well, we all slept in the car that night. Next morning all our camping gear was drenched in rain. We decided to call it a day and go home. Another camping trip,another memory.


Determined Fisherman

This is a short story about a determined Hymie who loved fishing when he was about 7 years old. Pop and Hymie were fishing buddies back then. We lived in Ashtabula Ohio. Pop took Hymie one evening to Lake Erie where they sat on rocks and fished off the shore. If you are not familiar with Lake Erie it is a vast lake. It stretches from United States to Canada. Lake Erie is one of the 5 Great Lakes where ocean liners haul cargo from the ocean through the St Lawrence Seaway through the Great Lakes and back. Lake Erie is known to be very unpredictable. A storm can come through faster then expected. Lake Erie is also known for their Walleye and Lake Erie Perch,some excellent eating fish.   Like I was saying Pop and Hymie are sitting on rocks fishing off the shore,enjoying the sport of fishing.It is evening so the sky is dark as well as the water. The only thing lit up is the lattern between them. The air was breezy,as time slips by the breezy air turns to wild wind,the lake starts getting choppy to the point where they are getting sprayed by the waves. It starts to rain and Pop starts gathering their fishing gear and heads back to the car. There sits Hymie determined to catch a plate of tasty fish. Well, that night they did not catch any plates of tasty fish only another memory.


GoGos is 2years old and only says a few words,so he does not convey much only when he wants something. Children never cease to amaze me,God created them so unique.


I stopped by my daughter VanCheddar’s house the other day. There sat GoGos on the couch,gummy worm in one hand and a daisy flower in the other hand. I wondered what was going on in his mind.We all went outside and there is GoGos on the sidewalk all bent over staring at the ground. He would walk a bit and pause bend over and stare at the ground some more. He kept doing this for quite a while. Then he had a stick and would tap the tree with the stick then it looked like he was comparing the tree with the stick. This whole time we were outside I just enjoyed watching him going about his business,wondering what was going on in his mind. He must have been observing the world according to GoGos.

Commemorating 26 Years of Marriage

Twenty six years sometimes can seem to be a very long time. Then there are days it feels like yesterday. Life is so funny. Of course over 26 years of marriage we have had children,grandchildren,lived in several rental houses. We have our own home now. We have gone through quite a few vehicles,various pets,endless pots of coffee. We have had plenty of bumpy roads,hills, and valleys. Today feels like a landmark,a wonderful timeless landmark. Looking back over the annals of our years together,I thank our dear Creator Almighty God for the good work he has created in us and the blessings that have come our way. What an amazing marriage. Thank you God,Happy Anniversary My Dear Sweet Love.


My son Hymie sent me an email a few days ago. The email was a very unique picture of his kittycat,LAZARUS. It goes to show you that even animals know who their Creator is. As Hymie quoted,”See,even LAZARUS relies on the Word of God…emphasis on lies(as in sleeps)”.

GoGos Belated Red Letter Day

My grandson GoGos turned 2 years old on March 22nd.  Happy Belated Red Letter Day GoGos. His mom VanCheddar had a Red Letter Day Birthday Party on March 24th. We all celebrated,grandparents,mom,dad,uncles,aunt and brother BabyDo. It was a fun time. We ate Texas chili,salad,cornbread and a big birthday cake with ice cream.GoGos did not seemed thrilled at all. He did not want to open up his presents,his brother BabyDo did that for him.He really did not want birthday cake or ice cream. Two of the uncles were throwing the football to each other outside,GoGos went outside with his pinwheel walked across the front lawn came to a tree,backed up against it,slid down on his butt and was content blowing his pinwheel. I guess with all the commotion with the adults GoGos wanted to be in his own little world. I use to tell my children to enjoy childhood,you are only a child once in a life time.