Determined Fisherman

This is a short story about a determined Hymie who loved fishing when he was about 7 years old. Pop and Hymie were fishing buddies back then. We lived in Ashtabula Ohio. Pop took Hymie one evening to Lake Erie where they sat on rocks and fished off the shore. If you are not familiar with Lake Erie it is a vast lake. It stretches from United States to Canada. Lake Erie is one of the 5 Great Lakes where ocean liners haul cargo from the ocean through the St Lawrence Seaway through the Great Lakes and back. Lake Erie is known to be very unpredictable. A storm can come through faster then expected. Lake Erie is also known for their Walleye and Lake Erie Perch,some excellent eating fish.   Like I was saying Pop and Hymie are sitting on rocks fishing off the shore,enjoying the sport of fishing.It is evening so the sky is dark as well as the water. The only thing lit up is the lattern between them. The air was breezy,as time slips by the breezy air turns to wild wind,the lake starts getting choppy to the point where they are getting sprayed by the waves. It starts to rain and Pop starts gathering their fishing gear and heads back to the car. There sits Hymie determined to catch a plate of tasty fish. Well, that night they did not catch any plates of tasty fish only another memory.


When the Tree Hit the Dirt

In my previous post I mentioned the Bluegrass Festival at Pine Mountain State Park in Kentucky. My husband,children and I were standing behind the audience that was seated watching the musicians performing bluegrass music on stage. Balinky our daughter,age 9 at the time leaned up against a tree about 24 inches in circumference,when all of a sudden the tree started falling and came crashing down to the ground. Nobody had gotten hurt,actually nobody noticed except for when Balinky yelled out,”I didn’t mean to do it”. We just all chuckled after the fact.What was so odd about the situation was the tree had been sawed off and replaced back on the stump. And it was a clean cut. Thank God no one was hurt. Our family has some real peculiar memories.


Restaurants,I love to frequent small hole in the wall restaurants. They are unique in style,from diners,pizzerias,to cafes. Service is usually friendly,prompt and hospitable. Food is usually superb and plenteous. Small restaurants whether they are upscale or inexpensive always have a down home feel to them. I visited an outdoor cafe’ in Quebec Canada back in 1983. I was disappointed that we did not take advantage of eating outside. I was allured by the ambiance,that it left a lasting impression. I had never seen one in my city at that time. Imagine, sitting outdoors with a loved one,a friend or family,enjoying excellent food,beverages,fresh air and a beautiful city with all its culture and people. What could be more satisfying.


Recently on my trip to visiting my family in Cleveland Ohio,I fell in love with cafes or better known as coffee shops. My son Hymie took me to a cafe’ called, “Root Cafe'” in Lakewood Ohio. Cafes are unique,especially on a cold chilly day. Walking into one has a calming influence on ones soul. The aroma of coffee and teas brewing in the air. All the different varieties of coffees,teas and various beverages,even tempting pastries you can select from. The cup they serve your beverage in is always special. Most cafes are distinct in their decor,they are a place that makes you feel you could relax all day. You look around at all the people and they are all different age groups. Some are chatting with each other,some contemplating,some may be daydreaming,reading a book,newspaper,others on their laptops or cell phones. Cafes are interesting places to visit.

Commemorating 26 Years of Marriage

Twenty six years sometimes can seem to be a very long time. Then there are days it feels like yesterday. Life is so funny. Of course over 26 years of marriage we have had children,grandchildren,lived in several rental houses. We have our own home now. We have gone through quite a few vehicles,various pets,endless pots of coffee. We have had plenty of bumpy roads,hills, and valleys. Today feels like a landmark,a wonderful timeless landmark. Looking back over the annals of our years together,I thank our dear Creator Almighty God for the good work he has created in us and the blessings that have come our way. What an amazing marriage. Thank you God,Happy Anniversary My Dear Sweet Love.

Beatrix Mana PhD

Have you ever had a day where you feel like you are exhibiting a sign  PhD. ?  I have those days almost everyday. My grown adult children are always seeking to have someone to listen to them. That certain someone is me. Most of the time I do not mind, I am thankful they come to a parent to unload or ask advice. Then sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Strictly speaking, motherhood has its joys.