In 1992 we were living in Millersburg Ohio. Our family decided to go camping one weekend at a Yogi Bear Campground which was about an hour away from our home. When we got there we set up our tents and then hiked around to see what the campground had to offer. There was a nice small lake with a beach,great for us playful swimmers.They even had peddle boats and rowboats for all to use. Pop liked the rowboats he could possibly go fishing with Hymie,who was about 10 years old. That evening dinner was a blast,I forgot to bring the silverware. Bobonator age 12,being the creative genius he was made forks and spoons out of the tinfoil I brought.It worked out rather well. After we ate dinner Pop and Hymie went fishing. Pop thought he would take one of the rowboats in which he got permission earlier from the office. When Pop got down to the lake the only boats were the peddle boats. So they decided to use one of those to fish. The rest of us went to sleep. A few hours had gone by and we who were sleeping in the tents were woken up by all kinds of noise outside the tents. It sounded like garbage cans being thrown about. The kids and I were frightened. When the noise subsided I got out of the tent and noticed raccoons. We all made a mad dash to our car. It started pouring rain,lightening and thunder. Then we noticed Pop and Hymie coming down the trail to our camp. They stopped at our picnic table that was covered with a tent like canopy to have a midnight snack before joining us in the car. Then they told us about their fishing ordeal.    They were out in the middle of the lake when they saw lightening off in a distance. They thought they should peddle back to shore. The peddles got caught up in seaweed. With no oars to row,Pop flattened their soda pop cans and used them to glide through the water to get them to a buoy where the lake was partially roped off for swimming. Then Pop used the steel cable rope to pull them to shore. When they got to the shore Pops hands were all cut up and bloody from the frayed steel cable rope.  Well, we all slept in the car that night. Next morning all our camping gear was drenched in rain. We decided to call it a day and go home. Another camping trip,another memory.


When the Tree Hit the Dirt

In my previous post I mentioned the Bluegrass Festival at Pine Mountain State Park in Kentucky. My husband,children and I were standing behind the audience that was seated watching the musicians performing bluegrass music on stage. Balinky our daughter,age 9 at the time leaned up against a tree about 24 inches in circumference,when all of a sudden the tree started falling and came crashing down to the ground. Nobody had gotten hurt,actually nobody noticed except for when Balinky yelled out,”I didn’t mean to do it”. We just all chuckled after the fact.What was so odd about the situation was the tree had been sawed off and replaced back on the stump. And it was a clean cut. Thank God no one was hurt. Our family has some real peculiar memories.

Carrying of the Tents

VanCheddar plays an instrument called the mountain dulcimer or lap dulcimer. She started learning when she was in 5th grade. She and a few other kids created a group called “The Next Generation”. They performed at quite a few bluegrass festivals. One was at Pine Mountain State Park Kentucky in their amphitheater. The season was summer and since it was a 3 hour drive from our house and from there we were headed to North Carolina to visit my husbands cousin, we decided to camp overnight. The festival was a success with lots of great music. Afterwards we set up the 2 tents we have. We were all cozy and sleeping when it started thundering in a distance. Instead of like normal people that take down the tents so they don’t get rain soaked we decided to carry them up to the rather large pavilion. It was a sight to behold. When we got up to the pavilion there were people there having a jamming session. We all sat around listening and drinking hot coffee. What a weekend to remember.

The Flyer that Would Not Sail

This is a drawing of my two older sons,Bobonator  age 10 and Hymie age 8. Bobonator was at the age of exploring and constructing. He thought of a so called brilliant idea in which he so thought. In 1990 we were renting a farmhouse that was once an apportionment of a large farm approximately 150 years old.Established in Fryburg,Holmes County,Ohio. The land was awarded to the Fry family through President Ullysses S. Grant with regard to serving in the civil war.The land stayed in the family for generations.       Bobonator had a Radio Flyer Wagon,he placed two milk crates onto the wagon upside down to function as seats for Hymie and himself. Next,he fastened a couple of polls to the wagon and tied a window shade to the polls,similar to a sail. He thought he had a great invention. A wagon with a sail that would transport him and Hymie around the yard.And the fact that it was a Radio Flyer wagon,he was capable of steering his wagon where he wanted to go in the yard. But to no avail it did not happen.Simply downhill,at least he endeavored and was utilizing his imagination.

Barbie and Kens Day Out

Sibling rivalry goes all the way back to Cain and Abel. When Bobonator and Hymie were young,they always teased their younger sisters,VanCheddar and Balinky. VanCheddar and Balinky were at the age of playing with Barbie and Ken dolls. We were renting a duplex house and we lived upstairs. Bobonator and Hymie would hang the dolls off the front porch in order to tease their sisters. That is one memory they all tease each other with to this day.

Needle Felting

I enjoy arts and crafts. A while back needle felting caught my interest. I thought I would give it a try. I started out with creating different animals. At first it was quite difficult. The more I tried felting the easier it became. Then I tried making pictures of landscapes and  I even added some beads and ribbons. Christmas time I created a few cards to send out.