Valentine Rememberance

Have you ever pondered where Valentines Day came from? ┬áHave you looked up the word”Valentine” in the thesaurus or dictionary? Do not misunderstand me,Valentines Day can be a fun day for people. Recollect when you were very young,grade school age. Your teacher announced that there was going to be a small Valentine party.”Bring some snack to share and Valentine cards to pass out for everyone. The teacher always had a Valentine craft for the children to create. You pestered your parents to purchase a box of Valentine cards,a sufficient amount for all your classmates and ensure a card is in the box for the teacher. Then you pester your parents to buy a snack for all classmates. You signed your name on the back of each card,anticipating the day of the party. If you were a girl like me,you were inclined to wear something red hoping the boy you have a crush on might notice you and he might hand you a special Valentine. But more then likely that never happened. The big day comes,you get all fancied up,even though you have to wear uniforms. You arrive at school and the teacher announces the party will be near the end of the day. So you have to go through almost a whole day of school. Party time arrives,everyone passes out their Valentine cards,no names on the envelopes,only on the back of the cards.As you pass out your cards you keep the special one or ones on the bottom to hand to that certain person or persons. Whilst you are opening your cards the teacher passes out snacks. Of course most of the time you get disenchanted,you did not get a special card from the one you have a crush on. Your dreams are dashed. You gather up your cards you received and the craft you created and stroll on home.Heence,for children it was a lot of puppy love dreams that never happened,simply daydreamed.