Grandpa and His Pesticides

When I was a young child my mother would take my younger sister and I over to my maternal grandparents house on Tuesdays in the summer so she could go golfing. My mother belonged to a women golf league. My grandparents house was always fun especially when we were able to spend a weekend over there. Sometimes all 4 of my sisters would come. My grandparents house had an in-ground pool and next to the pool was a small house they called the cottage. In the cottage there was a kitchen,ten old time (1940’s) hospital beds,that were lined up against a wall. They had shuffle board and a ping pong table. My grandpa was the entertaining type. Many relatives came to his pool parties and huge bonfires. Us kids,where did we sleep? In the hospital beds. By the time darkness came Grandpa would have us all in bed. He would sleep in the cottage also because we were all quite young. He would have his long night shirt on and his stocking cap on his head,he was bald. Then he would go around spraying the air with mosquito spray. We all stayed under the covers until he told us it was okay. By then the air was a thick fog of spray and we would all be coughing and eyes watering. What a character my Grandpa was.



I know it has been quite awhile since I published a post. I have been keeping up with the people I follow. I truly have no excuses why I have not posted,I have had plenty of time here and there,I am sorry. My son Bobonator 32,started his own trucking company. My son Hymie 30, is in his last year of law school. My daughter Ness 27,and her husband are building a house. My son Jotko 23, just started college for computer science. My daughter Balinky 21, graduated from Cosmotology and is studying to take the state board for her licence. My son Floss the Closs 17, is in his last year of high school. A few weeks a go my husbands two brothers and mother came to visit for four days. That was a busy four days but everything went well. 

The main reason I am starting this post today is that it is a very special day for my grandson BabyDo. He has turned 5 years old. Happy Red Letter Day BabyDo. He just started kindergarten a few weeks ago and he loves school. I miss him and his brother GoGos. I have babysat BabyDo about twice a week since he was a baby and GoGos  2 years old now,I have babysat him for almost a year. Now that BabyDo is in school their Mom,my daughter Ness,takes GoGos to a sitter.At first I thought I could have more time to myself,in which I do. But, I miss those little guys very much. I did not want to pass this special day up without sending my love to BabyDo. HAPPY RED LETTER DAY, I LOVE YOU WHOLE BIG BUNCHES.       Mana      xoxo

GoGos Belated Red Letter Day

My grandson GoGos turned 2 years old on March 22nd.  Happy Belated Red Letter Day GoGos. His mom VanCheddar had a Red Letter Day Birthday Party on March 24th. We all celebrated,grandparents,mom,dad,uncles,aunt and brother BabyDo. It was a fun time. We ate Texas chili,salad,cornbread and a big birthday cake with ice cream.GoGos did not seemed thrilled at all. He did not want to open up his presents,his brother BabyDo did that for him.He really did not want birthday cake or ice cream. Two of the uncles were throwing the football to each other outside,GoGos went outside with his pinwheel walked across the front lawn came to a tree,backed up against it,slid down on his butt and was content blowing his pinwheel. I guess with all the commotion with the adults GoGos wanted to be in his own little world. I use to tell my children to enjoy childhood,you are only a child once in a life time.


To assist me embarking on this blog, I am listening to music by Floyd Cramer,to get my creative juices flowing.  I celebrated a RED LETTER DAY with the family and had quite a wonderful memorable day.  My daughters, Van Cheddar and Balinky prepared dinner and a cake for us. Whilst my grandchildren, Babydo and Gogos played,napped and played some more. Those two grandchildren are busy as beavers when it comes to playing. Very creative in their own way and quite amusing. I love to watch and listen to them. They certainly warm my heart. Do not get me wrong,they sure have their times with crying and whining. But,over all,they are the cat’s pajamas.