Lions,Tigers,Bears and Pintex? Oh My!

What is a pintex?  When Floss was 3-4 years old he was a highly imaginative storyteller. He loved to make up stories with the help of me of course to incorporate or enhance the story. The stories were usually about how he would go off into the woods and encounter some type of animal,whether it was a snake,bear,cougar even a lion. Floss would always be involved fighting the animal off. A lot of action went on in those stories. At times he would use a rope,gun,knife and a pintex. A pintex? It took us quite a while to figure out what a pintex was,we finally did, “PICK AX”. That very same year Floss wanted a corn knife for his birthday but he did not get one. Floss is 17 years old now and he is the most laid back kid and loves animals. You would think it would be the other way around with all that storytelling he did about fighting with animals. I am glad they were just stories.





BabyDo is my 4 year old grandson. Of course he is like most boys,loves to play and highly imaginative. He and GoGos are brothers. I could sit and watch those two play all day. Both are very creative. Together they have quite a collection of action figures,cars,trucks and other assorted toys. BabyDo likes to tie his toys up with strings. One day I was sitting on their front porch watching them play of course Babydo is teasing younger brother GoGos. VanCheddar their mother warns BabyDo to stop teasing or she’ll tie him up to a tree. And of course BabyDo does not stop. VanCheddar ties BabyDo to the tree and he is very compliant. After about 2 minutes she unties him and he tells her to go tie up GoGos. I told BabyDo that he better not tease GoGos because someday he will tie you up for all the teasing. I think kids at that age like bondage. I look back at my sons at that age and they were always tying up things. I would find strings and yarn and ropes all over the house and yard. 

Floss the Closs

I would like to introduce you to my son Floss the Closs. He is seventeen now and a very tall 6 foot seventeen year old. Floss the Closs was born in the middle of January. January 14th to be exact. We lived in Cleveland Ohio and winters there are rather cold. I would wear an emerald green hooded sweater if I was chilled in the house. Floss the Closs was a good baby and he was my 6th and the youngest. I breastfed him until he was 1year and 4 months old. Well,I read that to keep a baby sleeping all night,you should put something near the child that smells like yourself. I would put my sweater in his crib. Did it work? No, but he got attached to my sweater and had to sleep with it for a few years. When he was starting to talk,around 1 and 1/2  he would call the sweater “closs” and I nicknamed him Floss it rhymed with closs. Corny of me huh? His sisters VanCheddar 9 years older then Floss and Balinky 4 years older then him,would run around the house like they were in some kind of singing band yelling,”He’s Floss the Closs”. Even as Floss the Closs was in his early teens they would tease him. Just some more sibling rivalry,probably generated by me.

Beatrix Mana PhD

Have you ever had a day where you feel like you are exhibiting a sign  PhD. ?  I have those days almost everyday. My grown adult children are always seeking to have someone to listen to them. That certain someone is me. Most of the time I do not mind, I am thankful they come to a parent to unload or ask advice. Then sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Strictly speaking, motherhood has its joys.

The Flyer that Would Not Sail

This is a drawing of my two older sons,Bobonator  age 10 and Hymie age 8. Bobonator was at the age of exploring and constructing. He thought of a so called brilliant idea in which he so thought. In 1990 we were renting a farmhouse that was once an apportionment of a large farm approximately 150 years old.Established in Fryburg,Holmes County,Ohio. The land was awarded to the Fry family through President Ullysses S. Grant with regard to serving in the civil war.The land stayed in the family for generations.       Bobonator had a Radio Flyer Wagon,he placed two milk crates onto the wagon upside down to function as seats for Hymie and himself. Next,he fastened a couple of polls to the wagon and tied a window shade to the polls,similar to a sail. He thought he had a great invention. A wagon with a sail that would transport him and Hymie around the yard.And the fact that it was a Radio Flyer wagon,he was capable of steering his wagon where he wanted to go in the yard. But to no avail it did not happen.Simply downhill,at least he endeavored and was utilizing his imagination.